Blinky Toys, leds, Rave Toys, Glow Sticks and Glow Body Paint

Rave leds and light up toys that glow

hook it up}light shows for everyone.


Flashing blinking trail-leaving light-up toys and fun. Ideal supplies to brighten every party, raver or not. If you're into lightshows and glowsticking you need a set of these INSANE High Intensity Glow Sticks (Blue). Check out our growing glowing visual feast. Get decked out in LED belts, screen belts with rhinestones, cool off with light-up fans, get creative with magnetic L.E.D.s, and blow people away with glow-in-the-dark gloves! We have spinning delights like the LED Light Storm Wire and electric glow sticks for a twist on the traditional: color changing glow sticks, that will mesmerize you (with infinity deep light up tunnels) and your friends. From flowing fiber optics and photon micro-lightLEDs to brilliant LED light shows we've got you covered. Witness the visual thumping of our bright pulsating strobes sure to knock your optic nerve around like mike tyson. These micro raver lights charge up UV black light responsive gear like our blacklight silly string. So take a ride on our roller coaster of visual ecstasy.