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Euphoric and enigmatic...

How precious and perfectly imperfect these fleeting moments of our lives, never to be lived again, so intricate, so simple, so pure, so painful, so euphoric and oh so enigmatic with their delightfully subtle variations. Each to be savored for they are unique and only exist as they are happening like the short life of a beautiful rose, here and gone. Fortunately more will bloom, but its up to us to find them. We must seek them out as if our lives depend on them, because they do. -p.j.o.

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Halloween is a time for costumes and ravers

Raves, parties and clubs are slowly having the innovation and creativity drained out of them. Its a fact. Fewer people are dressing up and more cookie cutter cloned look-a-like-clubs are taking the place of what was once an inventive and impossibly entertaining experience has become an old bloated boring franchise... Almost. Theres still hope.

The foundation is still there, awesome people, incredibly music, and new toys and technology every day. Have you SEEN the new tricks people are doing with LEDs, light sensors, and reactive lighting?

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D T as a Jones Soda...A.K.A. In case anyone asks you to describe us....

We are eagerly awaiting a custom case of Define Toys: Special Brew from Jones Soda, heres a sneak peak at the label...

DefineToys: A wicked brew of mischievous fun...
Concocted from the concentrated essence of euphoria, ecstasy, & unadulterated joy. Indulge in the yin and yang of zingy sparkling adventure embraced in silky smooth bliss. Let this very special brew dance across your senses. *WARNING* Contents may provoke fits of uncontrollable giggling.

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A moment of pure bliss at Club Eden in Ibiza

Club Eden is next to Es Paradise which is really all a bit poetic.

I should hate Eden but I love it the way you love that scruffy old dog, with one eye and a limp, but that dog will lick your face off and curl up on your feet and come running if it thinks you're in trouble... Sounds weird I know but thats Eden... if it were a dog.

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Get to know a international raver and his toys - part 1

Name: Pjo, Pete, Peter, and Piotr (if you speak polish!)

Age:31? yea! I'm still around! I'm regressing tho, each year past 25 I get a little sillier, dance crazier, and buy more toys...

Gender: male, altho once I was accused of being a heterosexual gay man.

Location: mostly san diego, sometimes ibiza, sometimes burningman

Interests: life, music, art, surfing, toys, glowsticking/poi/juggling, drawing, painting, traveling, photography, live music, nature, the moon, dragons... this will take too long, just ask me.

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